Carbon 60 has just recently introduced and health enthusiasts all over the world are already swearing by its capability and effectiveness to somehow improve their health. Now, what is C60? Read below to find out more: 

Carbon 60, which is also called Buckyballs or Buckminsterfullerene, is a promising antioxidant that consists of 60 carbon atoms. Based on theories, this carbon molecule can practically be applied for rocket fuel development, and most recently in the department of health also. Because of that, we should pinpoint a few reasons why we must consider to drink carbon C60 supplement and what it’s known for as of the moment: 

Removes HIV and bacteria 

Carbon 60 can actually curtail the development of HIV and avoid the start of AIDS. Moreover, studies show that carbon molecules can also help you from spreading and contracting severe diseases like hepatitis.  

Strengthens immunity 

Not only carbon 60 keeps your cells from free radical damage but also works great in triggering the immunity system in many other means. It can aid to boost the production of cytokines, lymphocytes, and immune cells, that are both accountable for combatting off infections and tumor cells as well.  

Its powerful antioxidant properties can avoid extreme allergic reactions or the outbreak of allergies. Its other inflammatory compounds and antihistamine properties can greatly be suppressed with the intervention of carbon 60.  

Assists to prevent the risk of damaging skin due to UV rays  

Did you know that you can easily incorporate carbon 60 into your moisturizing lotion that you use every day? In fact, particular components that can be found in this carbon molecule can avoid sunburns from occurring as they protect it from being harmed by the harmful UV rays of the sun.  

Minimizes inflammation 

C60 is a great killer of free radicals that mitigates inflammation, particularly the type of inflammation observed in arthritis. Research shows that water-soluble carbon 60 can help ease inflammation in bones and joints.  

Neuroprotective properties 

C60 can aid to keep the nerve cells from burning out because of overwork. Hence, avoiding its decline in the long run. 

Antimicrobial properties 

Carbon 60 supplements are infused with antimicrobial properties, which can greatly aid to fight throat infections, skin infections, and more.  

Great antioxidant properties 

Remember that the free radicals by the inherent functions of our body are accountable for taking a toll on our systems. Because of this, we have to take antioxidants for us to flush out such toxins and avoid damaging our cells due triggered by free radicals. Carbon 60 has wonderful antioxidant properties, which can help avoid the decline of your age plus offset such damages.  

Boosts longevity  

Based on research c60 had successfully keeping nerve cells from dying because of dehydration, which is the ultimate reason behind Alzheimer’s Disease. Another study claimed that the normal test mice’s lifespan drastically improved from 5 to 14 percent.  

These are only some of the several perks of drinking carbon 60 olive oil supplements regularly. But before you do this, it’s still best to consult your doctor.