It’s great to feel good about our outdoor living areas. So, if you are planning to improve and totally makeover your landscape, answer the following questions before pushing with your plan. 

Do you plan to live in your property for a long time or a short time? 

While other houses can be passed down as inheritance items for their loved ones, perhaps most of us will be planning to sell it eventually. Your landscaping design serves a considerable aspect in the type of potential buyers you will be attracting if you decide to sell your property. A versatile design incorporated with several features intended to entertain visitors is likely to be favorably recognized just almost any prospective buyer. On the contrary, other novelty features that you probably want to get, like custom statuary or large scale, might restrain some buyers to buy your property. Sure, it’s nice to have a house that reflects your lifestyle at the moment, but it won’t hurt to strategically think about your investment’s future.  

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How will the needs of your family change in the next 5 years? 

In all seasons we experience in our lives, we always expect changes to take place. Other changes move slowly, and some can appear to take place overnight. Thinking about how your landscape makeover features will match your household members in the near future. So, think about features that you all can still use even if your kids grow or until you get older to make the most out of your investment.  

How much time can you dedicate to maintenance? 

As we are thrilled to achieve our dream landscape, we tend to easily overestimate the amount of time we will need to consume in keeping it up. The key is to be realistic regarding landscaping maintenance as this is a great factor to prolong your investment. As you collaborate with a professional design team, you need to let them be aware of how much time you usually take up working on your landscape and to determine which is the best design plan best for you.  

Which landscaping features of your home do you want to accentuate? 

A landscape makeover can get anything from a slight update to a total yard transformation. As you plan the design for your landscape, we suggest your customers think about the features of your current area that’s worth keeping.  

What are the features that you need? 

Get some inspiration for your landscape makeover. You can either check magazines or do research online through Google Images or Pinterest. But it could be simple to get into the weeds with covetable and pensive features that offer more form than function. Though it’s fine to want some whistles and bells, however, we suggest if you begin with investing in the “must-haves.” Think about the features your landscape requires and your lifestyle to serve your family best. As soon as you already know a fundamental framework, your hired designer can assist you to narrow down which additional features are a great investment.